Iron-On Application

  1. Choose your fabric: our iron on designs work best on 100% cotton, 100% uncoated polyester, and poly/cotton blends.
  2. Heat iron to 320 degrees—just past cotton setting. Be sure steam settings are off.
  3. Preheat surface for 2-3 seconds and place the design onto fabric face down with plastic film on top.
  4. Iron over plastic film. Carefully iron every part of design, paying special attention to the edges, for at least 30 seconds. The plastic covering may warp and that’s normal.
  5. Wait for design to cool completely and peel off plastic film. If it doesn’t release easily, place down and apply more heat with the iron.
  6. It’s all ready to go! Wait 24 hours before first wash. The item is iron friendly.

Pro Tips: You can place parchment paper between design and iron, if preferred. The length of time varies greatly depending on fabric. For example, ironing onto burlap can take up to 1-2 minutes.