Applying Vinyl

  1. Prepare surface: Clean and dry the surface. Vinyl sticks great to most surfaces, but will not stick well to surfaces that are dusty, dirty or freshly painted.
  2. Remove backing: Place vinyl (face up) on a flat, hard surface. Burnish (rub) the vinyl with a squeegee or credit card. Flip over and peel off the grid backing at a sharp angle (making sure the design stays on the masking tape).
  3. Apply design: Position vinyl on top of surface. Burnish vinyl to surface. Starting in one of the corners, peel back the masking tape layer at a sharp angle. If a letter does not initially come off, place masking tape back down, burnish a little more and it should glide off just fine.
  4. Enjoy your new piece of art! We’d love to see what you’re creating… connect with us!